A Promise of Magic is here!

It’s here! It’s here!

Promise Promo Post

A PROMISE OF MAGIC, the next installment in the Silver Moon Saga, is here! Featuring three all-new stories, this novella (I use that term very loosely. The book is actually the size of a novel!) sets up the final book in the series, THE SHADOW STEALER (To be published February 27th, 2015). There are three stories total (one from Evan’s POV, one from Philip’s, and one from Gabi’s), and I can’t possibly tell you which one I love the most. They’re all so different from one another, and I loved writing them. But the best part? Being able to share them with you!




Yep, you read that correctly. For this weekend only, The Sight Seer is on sale for 99¢!! Here’s a little a snippet:

“Still with me,” Rafe asked as he drove me home, “or have I lost you to a food coma?”I licked the last bit of gooey chocolate icing off my fork and groaned. “This is seriously the best piece of chocolate cake I have ever eaten. In my life. Ever.”

“Alright, I get it,” Rafe laughed. “I told you that place was good.”

“Next time we go, we’re just getting dessert.” I clamped my mouth shut when I realized what I had just said. Next time. As if we were dating. Which we obviously weren’t. Good job, Gabi.

“We’ll see,” Rafe said mildly as my face burned. I wished I could open the door and fling myself out onto the pavement. “There’s a Thai place down the block from my school that’s pretty amazing.”

“Oh.” Maybe we were dating.

“Evan knows one of the waitresses and gets us a good discount whenever we go.”

Maybe we weren’t. I resisted the urge to start bashing my head against the window. I think that would have freaked him out. Which was what I was currently doing.


For more awkward fun, check out The Sight Seer today!

Giveaways Galore

Want a chance to win THE SIGHT SEER? How about THREE chances? Two of my friends are hosting giveaways on their blogs, so check them out:

Enter to win ebooks of The Sight Seer and Anna and the French Kiss here!

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Awesome, right? Good luck to everyone who enters!

I will be doing my own giveaway of SIGNED copies, so stay tuned for that.

Ten more days until The Sight Seer is released into the wild!