Tomodachi Life: Part One

Besides reading and writing, I’m a bit of a gamer. I love playing games on my Nintendo 3DS, and I recently purchased Tomodachi Life after seeing how much fun my friends had playing it. In this game you create characters and set them loose on your island. You feed them, clothe them, and, my favorite part, sit back and watch them interact with one another. They can get married and even start families together!

The first character I created was Gabi, of course. Here she is… fighting with my look-alike. Already?!

698Maybe she’s angry because there’s no chocolate?

After Gabi I made Rafe. He wasn’t too pleased with his baseball uniform, but he did like the baseball bat I gifted him!


I thought they’d fall in love immediately, but instead Gabi decided to spend her time befriending everyone. Evan, somehow, became her best friend!


But soon Rafe and Gabi become inseparable…


And then this happened:


Gabi confessed her feelings to Rafe! What was his answer?


710What a cute couple!

716Rafe even gets Gabi to exercise (and she hates exercising!)!

720Playing with Bo the kitten!

Evan, meanwhile, is trying to impress Alex in his prince outfit.

704Actually, Gabi decided Evan needed a sweetheart, so she paired him up with Alex. With everyone all lovey-dovey, what will happen next? Will the other Silver Moon Saga characters make an appearance? Stay tuned for Part Two! πŸ™‚


Distractions (the fun kind).

Progress report: I’ve managed to write every day since I started this new project on the 12th! This is very surprising, considering the distractions in my life:

I’m probably the last person alive to discover how amazing this series is! I’ve been wanting to watch it for awhile, but only just started a few short weeks ago. I’m in the middle of the third season, and hope to catch up soon. It’d be great if I could watch the new episodes as they air! But seriously, The Big Bang Theory is great. I’ve never laughed this hard over a TV show, ever.

I don’t play very many video games, but I’m a huge, huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. I own and played every game in the franchise, and right now I’m in the middle of their newest one, Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS (no spoilers, please!). What’s not to love about these games? Great music, a chance to interact with Disney characters and their worlds, and, of course, a compelling storyline. When I play these games, I end up devoting a few months of my life to them, trying to get every little thing so I can get the secret endings. Needless to say, this game is constantly calling to me, begging me to play it.

And, of course, books. I’m not happy if I’m not reading. I read as fast as I can, and still, my to-read list never shrinks! But I’m definitely not complaining!

So how does one compete against these distractions? My usual routine is: write first, fun stuff later. I’ll “reward” myself with some game time if I can pump out 1000 words in the manuscript. Things like that. I also find the writing itself fun, so it’s not like I’m forcing myself to get through work so I can go play. If there’s ever a time while writing where I do feel like it’s a chore, I take a step back. Churning out words just to make the word count go up does not equal good writing. If I’m not enjoying it, I probably won’t enjoy what I’ve written, either. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often. Maybe it’s all these distractions that help keep me happy!